Where can I buy them?

Thank you for your interest !

Utility Tokens ( CATS )

Stage 1 - Presale

How: send ETH to the smart contract address -> smart contract mints CATS -> receive CATS to your wallet
No sale = no mint.
No accounts, whitelists or KYC are required. Smart Contract address will be published on our website, here on docs, and on our social channels as it goes live.

Stage 2 - Uniswap

TBA About a month after conclusion of crowdsale
Initial UNI pool liquidity will be: 5M CATS vs 200 ETH @25000 CATS per ETH

Stage 3 - Centralized Exchanges


Security Tokens ( ARENA )

Not currently for sale, with exception to the below:

Private Deal

A pool of 50 million ARENA Security Tokens (5% of total) is rendered available early for select Institutional or Private Investors through custom SAFE notes. We are looking for few numerically, and prefer those whom can add value to our venture beyond money. Are you a VC? Get in touch!

Restricted Sale

CATS Utility Token Holders will have the opportunity to buy a seat in a restricted sale event of ARENA Security Tokens featuring pre-IPO pricing. Announcement TBA.