Plain English-based Smart Contracts

Enligh Language Smart Contracts

Zenchain is an Open Source Parachain solution (L2) of the Polkadot Relay Chain (L1) designed specifically to handle our unique, non custodial, advanced copy trading system: Patrons & Champions.
Zenchain integrates Zenroom & Zencode into Substrate, thus allowing the whole Polkadot ecosystem to easily deploy custom solutions making use of the innovative selling point of Zencode.
No technical knowledge or programming language-like syntax is required to write & deploy smart contracts in Zencode, thus it is greatly accessible, even by those Users who wouldn't ever dream of touching one otherwise.

Compact, secure, efficient

Zenroom by Dyne is a little jewel of a tool, allowing complexed and varied cryptographic operations in a tiny executable environment with tiny payload, that'll run anywhere - even on your fridge or airbags, if you can find a use for such contracts.

Modular, extensible, interoperable

Deploying through Substrate & Polkadot brings many advantages, including Sharded Shared Security, fork-less maintenance through modularity, interoperability with other parachains and blockchains outside of the ecosystem, if a connection(e.g. bridge) exists. And if it doesn't, it can be developed.
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