Proof of Distribution
PoRD is a layer 2 protocol tailored for the needs of Self-Decentralization, and the features of CryptoArena's techical architecture. It is, in essence, an automated accounting & distribution protocol featuring provable finality.
The security of the network, and the integrity of data, is shared with the Polkadot Relay Chain and its Network.
The underlying purpose of our Parachain is to produce signed blocks (see "Collators") ready to be validated (see "Validators") by the Polkadot Relay Chain, whom maintains security and chain integrity for the whole network.
PoRD is a custom flavor protocol, a hybrid of a PoA and a variant of PoB, generating probabilistic finality through the computation of timestamps in a period, then corroborating it with deterministic proof to ascertain proven finality and thus sign a new block.

More about how PoRD works


Check back here at a later date. The full smart contract will be available Open Source.
CryptoArena is being built with Substrate, PoRD will be deployed as an INK! Smart Contract, a Rust-based embedded domain specific language (eDSL) for writing Wasm smart contracts.