Consensus Protocols

Are how blockchains maintain data consistency & integrity


Means a generally accepted agreement on an opinion or decision within a group.
In the context of a blockchain, consensus is the process nodes use to agree on the canonical fork of a chain. Consensus is comprised of authorship, finality, and fork-choice rule.
In this section we describe some mainstream Consensus Protocols and the ones specifically involved in our proposition.
PoW & PoS are the two most famous and common protocols, but there are many being introduced or developed these days. But we use neither.

Why not Proof of Work?

Although simple and effective in coming to a decentralized consensus on the next block producer, proof of work with Nakamoto consensus consumes an incredible amount of energy, has no economic or provable finality, and has no effective strategy in resisting the formation of cartels.

CryptoArena Consensus

CryptoArena is a Layer 2 ecosystem built as a Parachain that shares its security and interoperability with Polkadot's Relay Chain (Layer 1) and the rest of L2s in its network. This means that the state transitions of our blockchain are secured by the Polkadot Relay Chain's Validator set.

Our Blockchains

The CryptoArena Distribution Chain is our custom innovation, deployed as a parachain, sporting a custom protocol dubbed Proof or Revenue Distribution (PoRD). It is a hybrid, customized flavor of PoA + PoB, featuring provable finality.
Zenchain is a smart contract blockchain that integrates Zenroom by Dyne into the Substrate environment, also deployed as a parachain. The really cool thing about Zenroom, other than it is secure, small and efficient, is that it allows to deploy smart contracts in Zencode, a plain English-like DSL, that does not require any technical knowledge or programming synthax to use.

Polkadot Consensus

Polkadot took a unique hybrid approach in regards to authorship, finality, and fork-choice rule.
In the Substrate ecosystem, these components are cleanly separated from one another and can be combine to develop complex solutions. Buttons for more.