Corporate Structure

Our Companies


CryptoArena is established as a hybrid legal entity, composed of two parts, both of which are immutably bound to predetermined behavior for the purpose of the role they perform, including both legally and practically, through audits and smart contracts.

CryptoArena BV

Is a Dutch Besloten Vennootschap, a for-profit Corporation representing the collective interests of ARENA Security Token Holders (the shareholders). This includes all Founders, staff, and other ARENA Holders.
When you buy ARENA Security Tokens, you become a shareholder of CryptoArena, and acquire all legal rights that this implies in a "traditional" public company, plus a couple extra, unique to our proposal.
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Predetermined Consensus

ARENAs are our native, restricted, security tokens featuring unique benefits. All current and future ARENA Holders are required to provide their consensus to the collective mission of self-decentralization.
In brief: everyone agrees that at a specific point in time in the future, all outstanding tokens will be repurchased (at market price + BBB) by CryptoArena Foundation (below).

CryptoArena Foundation

Is a Dutch Stichting, an owner-less, non-profit Foundation created for the purpose of operating the exchange, and the underlying business, and all that this implies, including offering fee-bearing commercial services, but may not retain any profit and has no claim of ownership, over the business, its proceedings or assets.

Predetermined Distribution Systems

In very practical terms, self-decentralization is the process by which outstanding Tokens are repurchased & transferred from the Company (profit motive) to the Foundation (non-profit).
Achieving self-decentralization, means that all outstanding common stock, sold previously to raise capital for development and operations, has been repurchased, and no shareholder remains, other than an entity that cannot retain profit, both legally and practically; thus making all revenue generated by the business available for distribution to the (active) users of CryptoArena through the Glory System.


CATS Tokens are issued and governed by an Aragon powered DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), an entity of its own ruled by its community, independent of CryptoArena itself.
CATS holders may stake their tokens to participate in decision making relating to the governance of the organization, through (democratic, pro rata, censorship-free) decentralized voting.

NFT Arena

NFT Arena a solidity smart contract DApp (Decentralized Application) deployed through the Ethereum blockchain by the CATS DAO. It is an ERC 721 based (NFTs) competitive trading card game using the NFTs as assets and CATS as currency.

CryptoArena DevLabs

DevLabs is a for-profit development & consultancy agency in partnership with Dittofi.
Our first product is Gas Tracker - Coming Soon to Android (and more to follow)

Virtus Tech

Virtus is a Dutch non-profit Foundation created by Lorenzo Ferrari, Leonie Forsman and Robert Miller, the cofounders of CryptoArena, to develop Open Source technologies for the decentralized future.
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