The Dream

Trust-less-ness for a better future

100% Public Benefit Infrastructure

The blockchain movement has a clear common goal in the "Web 3 Mission", giving birth to the ownership economy, a global economic system to replace the (dreadful) present one, that is built, operated, funded and owned by the Users of a given service themselves.

From Community Owned to Owner-less

For many current blockchains, this typically translates to open source code and into "community" pro rata ownership & governance based on token proportions held.
But what this effectively means is token holders have a vested interested in promoting falsehood, encouraging malicious collusion, and the formation of cartels.

No More Predatory Middlemen

Blockchains were born for the stated purpose of getting rid of cumbersome & expensive intermediaries, yet more than a decade into "crypto & chill"... how is that going for you?
They promised you a new & improved economy designed to bring opportunity to a generation plagued by economic woes, rather than to corrupt insiders and well-positioned mega corporations... but what you got are artificial scarcity schemes designed to enrich their creators.

The Next Step in the Industry

Is to deliver on the original mission of this whole "blockchain revolution":
Decentralized should (also) mean free of special interests.
CryptoArena will deliver the only institutional grade, regulated market & ecosystem that operates exclusively for those who actively produce value in its network, proportionally to their contributions.
We call it the first Self-Decentralizing Exchange.