Profit, Opportunity and Social Growth


1. Better Value per Trade

CryptoArena is competitively priced, but not the cheapest.

If it's "free", YOU are the product being sold

We go the opposite route, while maintaining the objective of operating for your benefit.
CryptoArena is the only Self-Decentralizing Exchange, built for the specific purpose of eliminating its own holding entit and to redistribute its revenue. CryptoArena will distribute 100% of generated net revenue on a continuous ongoing basis. None can offer more than all of it.

2. Social-Competitive Trading

Many traders in this space are atomized, isolated and left to organize any sort of cooperation by themselves. Further, most people know little about finance or speculative trading, and even less about cryptography and blockchains.
This exposes them to a massive amount of risk, due to the inability to evaluate and distinguish meaningful applications from artificial scarcity schemes meant to enrich their creators.
We provide a level playing field, incentivize cooperation and subsidize education of our audiences.

Advanced Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a crowdsourced based modernization of traditional asset managers that enables individuals in the financial markets to automatically copy positions opened and managed by other selected individuals. A “few-clicks hands-off” investing solution by which selected expert third parties enact trade decisions on behalf of their backers.
Copy trading allows anyone to trade like a pro, regardless of background or expertise.

Competitive Events

CryptoArena hosts trading competitions, very similar in structure, model and variety, to online poker tournaments. Just with trading instead of cards. Prize structures generally pool together buy-in fees minus cost, but may vary in some cases to include CAT Tokens.
Events also, like all revenue streams on CryptoArena, events also contribute to the funds distributed to the community by the platform.

Trader Guilds

CryptoArena also allows Users to create private on-platform groups & collective funds. This is a compartmentalized space that you can customize (looks & moderation) for the discussion of the markets, assets, strategies, champions and more. Guilds may group-invest in Champions, increasing liquidity volume committed, and providing them with greater leverage when negotiating terms with Champions. Some events are group events, and require the registration of a team of traders from a common Guild.

3. Decentralized Opportunity

Mutually Beneficial Competition

CryptoArena aims to create a market environment based on the core value of symbiosis of interests, a structure in which all participants' actions are beneficial to the network, and the network operates for the benefit of participants, in an effort to establish a continuous value-powered feedback loop.
All activity from every participant generates added value for everyone, even while competing against each other, and pursuing own individual interest. The more volume increases, the better for all.

Fully Transparent, Fully Trust less

CryptoArena is a regulated platform featuring compliance by design. We publish a yearly prospectus & audits, continuously updated public books, and all of our code is (or will be) available Open Source.


1. More money, faster

Simply put, our Security Tokens offer a trade off between long term ownership and short term profit:
We offer Investors massively increased rewards for the "short term" ("the duration of the self-decentralization process" ) in exchange for everyone's consensus to sell back their equity, no later than at a specific point in time in the future: 10 years from Launch.
Our tokens require every prospective Holder (including founders & staff) to agree to the terms of the Self-Decentralization Process, which includes the framework for the progressive repurchase of all outstanding shares for the purposes of allocating them to public revenue distributions.

2. Passive Income & Incremental Rewards

ARENA Security Tokens are specially engineered to reward endurance of Hodlers.
ARENA tokens are real securities and their face value is tied to the company's book value, pay direct pro rata dividends to your wallet on a periodic continuous basis (default is quarterly, can customize), and accrue additional bonuses over time in the BBB.
Those who hodl the longest will receive most value.

3. Automated Governance

No humans, no trust, no problem.

Every key aspect of our core proposition is secured through immutable smart contracts, effectively establishing a whole corporation "on rails", featuring predetermined, fixed inner processes designed to deliver Self-Decentralization, transitioning progressively into a fully owner-less yet self-sustaining entity.


1. Compliance by Design

CryptoArena will deploy a fully regulated platform compliant to the highest standards of global legislation and beyond. Yearly prospectus & audits, quarterly reports, 24/7 verifiable blockchain transparency.

2. SDGs

#8 Decent Work and Economic Growth

Our service offering is designed to incentivize third party opportunity, as well as inter-user collaboration, education and competition.
Successful Champions are the highest value user category of the platform, thus are the prime beneficiaries of platform revenue distributions.
We aim to eventually have many thousands of Champions offering their expertise & services through our platform, differentiating themselves by results, preferences, strategies, audiences or much more. We aim to mold this User category into something akin to pro streamers, but for competitive crypto traders.
CryptoArena is headquartered in the Netherlands and compliant to Dutch & EU law. No tax havens.

#10 Reduced Inequalities

Accessible Globally

CryptoArena strives to be available everywhere, providing the world with the most convenient access to the decentralized markets of the future, and the opportunity not to miss out on the crypto revolution.

Contribution based opportunity

The glory system is conceived and designed to reward contributions of value to the network. Not just trading: influencers, recruiters, artists and more will also earn points functional to distributions of revenue. The economy of the future includes everyone, not just savvy financiers.


Is the sweet spot between auditability and security, and prevents discrimination. All interactions between Users on our platform are on the basis of pseudonimity, no personal information of any other party is accessible, thus the only means of evaluation are objective metrics, and how a Champion presents itself.