Use Cases

Our Security Tokens are the key enabling CryptoArena's unique proposition

1. Investment Vehicle

CryptoArena is a large endeavor requiring large capitals to develop, operate and scale. In order to stand a chance at deploying a competitive service, we need to raise significant capital, and thus the necessity to reward investors appropriately.
ARENA Security Tokens are uniquely designed to allow us to deliver our mission, by providing substantially larger rewards to Investor/Holders in exchange for their consensus to our long term mission.
ARENA are fungible, institutional grade instruments directly representing shares (all common) in CryptoArena BV, a Dutch Corporation including all associated rights of shareholders, whom through their unique terms provide additional rewards. Kind of like if a stock and a 10 years bond had a baby.
  • Fungible means divisible in units smaller than 1, thus, scarcity does not prevent trade.
  • Institutional grade securities means regulated, compliant, transparent & audited. Yearly prospectus, quarterly reports, 24/7 blockchain proven transparency.
  • Additional Rewards refers chiefly to the BBB, an incremental basis, extra revenue stream reserved to Investors.

2. Revenue distributor

ARENA Security Tokens act as “beacons” for primary distributions of revenue, automatically indicating to our systems where & how much should be transferred.

Direct Dividends

What this means for you is that by having Security Tokens in your wallet, you receive the pro rata share of all revenue generated by CryptoArena in the form of Direct Dividends, directly on the same wallet.
Basically, with this token you bet on "the house" itself.

Customize Payouts

By default, dividends are accrued in a mix of crypto assets among the ones listed on CryptoArena, as convenient to the platform, and are to be distributed on a quarterly basis.
However, dividend payouts can be customized both in frequency (e.g. monthly) and/or by selecting preferred assets to be received ahead of time. Some small fees apply in each case (processing / conversion respectively).

3.Self-Decentralization Guarantor

ARENA Tokens are “Smart Securities” (smart contract + security); this means its inner rules & processes are enforced by code and code is certified by audit. They are cryptographic representations of securities programmed to enforce a set of rules as their trigger conditions are met.
In our application, the rules that the ARENA Security Tokens contribute to enforce are those governing the Self-Decentralization process, including distributions of revenue and the transition of the for-profit Holding entity into a non-profit Foundation over the course of time.
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