Indirect Benefits

The unseen advantages of ARENA Security Tokens
We hope you’ve acquired enough understanding of how your direct benefits work in relation to our distributions.
This section is for the less noticeable, but very relevant, benefits that are not directly entitled to you as a Holder, but that do, in fact, provide further benefits also to you & your investment.

Unsold Security Tokens contribute to ongoing Cash Position

As long as they remain "unsold".

ARENA Security Tokens are used as beacons by our distribution systems. This implies that if the platform generates revenue, they receive proportional monetary benefits (e.g. dividends) through the automated distributions, while in the custody of the operating non-profit Foundation.
However the Foundation is ownerless & can't keep revenue, and is bound to automatically funnel it through the distribution system, both legally and practically.
Thus, the relative value that the unsold portion accrues is fed back into the next period of the distribution cycle according to existing (at that point in time) allocations. This means that all allocations, including those that you benefit directly from, receive portions of this value.

We’ll use the above mechanism to speed up breakeven

We plan to keep a portion of equity that will be made available for sale to exploit this mechanism to grow the Company during its critical post-Launch stages, then sell the remaining equity on the open market at the valuation at that point in time. This should take about a year, maybe a little more.

Progress in the Self-Decentralization Process

Benefits ALL stakeholders.

Tokens Repurchased by the Foundation through the BBB mechanism are immediately and automatically allocated to Revenue Distributions, thus increasing their % in all future primary distributions.
This causes two effects:
  1. 1.
    Circulating supply of Security Tokens decreases over time. This means that every time a BBB is triggered, all future accruals of monetary value in the BBB Fund are shared by less people holding the same numeric amount of Tokens.
  2. 2.
    Public Revenue Distributions increase over time CryptoArena redistributes its platform generated revenue back to its (active) Users through the Glory System, as activity incentives and performance rewards, on the basis of how much value they contribute to the network. This means that the more revenue generating activity is put in by Users, the larger the distributions get, and that the larger the distributions get, the more it becomes desirable to get a piece of it. Consequently, the more it becomes desirable, the more any single User will be willing to put in revenue-generating activity than he/she would have with a competitor NOT paying them to do so.

Symbiosis of Interests

Is the core value of CryptoArena around which the entirety of our proposal is built.
The fundamental notion that our inter-stakeholder equilibrium aims to achieve and enforce being that all value producing activity is beneficial to the whole, and the individual, at the same time, regardless of circumstances.