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The Deal


Instrument: SAFE-Ts. A custom SAFE note sold at discount that converts into Security Tokens Round Available % of Supply: 5% # of Tokens received: 50 M Relative BBB Share: 10% Round Discount Rate: 20% Min Investment required: € 400 000 Per Token: € 0.04 # Max Investors: 5

Company preferences

Reduced number of early investors ( 1 or 2 ) Buy the Round: € 2 000 000
Investor/s buying the whole round get an increased discount rate, leading to a larger base share. Please note we refer to this as "base share" because it doesn't include the relative claim that your share has on BBB, or the value of the contribution to cash position of unsold Security Tokens. See Token Value for more information on this.
Power Discount: 40% Per Token: € 0.03 % of Total Supply: 6.67% # of Tokens received: 66.7 M Relative BBB Share: 13.2% CryptoArena prefers Investors that can add value beyond monetary contributions. We reserve the right to refuse offers at any time and for any reason prior to the finalization of contractual obligations.
Restrictions and/or further conditions may apply for certain investors to ensure regulatory compliance under the directives of all applicable legislative jurisdictions (e.g. USA). For more info, Get in touch !

Restricted Sale

Date & Details: TBA
CAT Utility Token Holders will be given the opportunity to spend CATs to access the restricted sale event featuring ARENA Security Tokens at pre-IPO pricing. Expected November/December 2021.


Date & Details: TBA
The vast majority of available for sale tokens will be made available on public markets following clearance from proper authorities, after having developed, and having gone through extensive auditing processes as required.