Predetermined Governance

The framework of rules and processes to guarantee the correct delivery of distributions & of our mission is entirely predetermined and immutable. Once started, not even CryptoArena can stop it.

Predetermined Fixed Limits

Automated Governance

Every key aspect of our core proposition is secured through immutable smart contracts, effectively establishing a corporation "on rails", with a clearly defined objective and featuring predetermined, fixed inner processes designed to deliver it; thus transitioning progressively into a fully owner-less yet self-sustaining entity.

No humans, no trust, no problem

Our cryptographic Security Tokens ( ARENA ) directly represent common stock in CryptoArena B.V. and at the same time are a key component to the delivery of our self-decentralization process, and of the distributions of profits to the intended stakeholders.
These tokens feature four limits mentioned below, that are critical to the proper and correct delivery of our core promise and to the inter-stakeholder equilibrium achieved by our value proposition.
As such, they are built-in, hard-coded, and cannot be changed. Even by CryptoArena.


Token supply is fixed permanently at 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) units. No minting, ever.

Shares held are not subject to dilution effects of any kind.

Progress in self-decentralization process drives supply scarcity, providing the Token with escalating price support until completion of the aforementioned process.
Which effectively, in conjunction with the fact that only Holders (circulating supply) share in the additional rewards of the BBB fund (which is constant as long as it exists) translates to an effect on share value that is opposite to dilution: concentration (of profit accruals).
As more tokens exit circulating supply over time, and no new one is produced, the relative claim of circulating Tokens on the funds accrued within the BBB fund grows over time, proportionally to the amount of Security Tokens that are no longer in circulation.

Time Limit

Process max Duration: 10 years

Starting on public Launch of the platform.
A simple max duration limit for the Self-Decentralization Process, intended to prevent shareholders, or coalitions thereof, from stalling the achievement of the process. When time elapses, all outstanding tokens will be subject to BuyBack, and thus, repurchased.
For how simple a condition this may appear, its presence and function are of vital importance.

Movement Restrictions

ARENA Security Tokens only exist within the digital environment of CryptoArena’s blockchain.

Cannot be withdrawn to third party wallets or exchanges

They are subject to restrictions both for purchase (vetting, KYC, give consensus) and sale (BBB or OTC only). That being said our blockchain is modular, interoperable and extensible, so this may change in time depending on partnerships we may establish in due time with other exchanges.
Our Tokens are very unique and serve vital purposes, they directly represent shares in the Company’s share capital, and are even used to automate the distribution of proceedings. This also means that they’re irreplaceable, and measures were needed to ensure no token is lost, stolen, stored somewhere offline, or otherwise out of reach when needed to complete self-decentralization.


Smart Contracts are permanent & immutable.
We aim to deliver “something big”; something that requires the efforts and cooperation of many, and as such, many things can go wrong. We’ve taken particular care to ensure that whatever may come, nothing can stop CryptoArena from pursuing its original “do goodmission.
CryptoArena exists to deliver Self-Decentralization, as extensively defined in all documents etc., and not even a “hostile” change of control of all outstanding shares can change that.