Security Tokens (ARENA)

A unique custom application of Smart Contract powered Securities
ARENA Security Tokens

Asset Basics

CryptoArena's Security Tokens are "Smart Securities"; a unique combination of Smart Contracts and cryptographic Security Tokens representing real common stock in CryptoArena B.V., a Dutch corporation, including all standard broad-based rights of shareholders.


Security Tokens are a key component functional to guaranteeing the correct & trust-less delivery of our unique core promise, the steps to get there, and to suitably reward investors for the value of their consensus to our long term non-profit mission.


Private Round: custom SAFE notes. SAFEs are sold at discount and convert into Security Tokens automatically. SAFEs are available in limited in quantity only through private deal, only to select investors that can help us deliver the best possible version of our dream platform. Post Audit IPO: ARENA Security Tokens are not currently available, with exception to private deals for select institutional investors or partners.


Share Capital Supply: 1 Billion units. All common stock. NO MINTING EVER. Fixed Supply, Escalating Scarcity: No minting means no dilution effect. Exits triggering BBB take tokens out of circulation, increasing scarcity (and public distributions of revenue). Available in Private Round: 5%
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