Upcoming major milestones
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  • Gas Tracker is a mobile (Android) & web app (free/paid versions) that tracks the costs of blockchain transactions in real time and allows you to set detailed custom alerts.

  • ​CAT Tokens are the Utility Tokens of the CryptoArena ecosystem.

  • The CATs DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a community owned decentralized organization.

  • ​Uniswap listing

  • Zenchain Substrate Pallet is an open source (GNU GPL V3) smart contract blockchain built within the Substrate (Rust) environment, to deploy and run Zencode based solutions. Zencode is a DSL of Zenroom, developed by Dyne, and it enables to deploy and securely run plain English smart contracts.

  • MvP will start out as just a working centralized exchange, featuring only select cryptos assets, no FIAT gateways or any of the exciting innovative features.

  • ​Advanced Copy Trading is our planned application of the Zenchain smart contract blockchain described above

  • The Distribution Blockchain , as the name suggests, is the blockchain that accounts for and ensures that the distributions of revenue core to our unique proposal happen as they should.

  • ​ARENA Security Tokens are our very unique Security Token, directly representing ownership shares in CryptoArena.

  • ​AFM approval is going to be required to officially be able to offer the full range of our tokens and services to the wider public. CryptoArena is built to feature compliance by design, so we have no particular concern about this step, it's just costs and bureaucracy.

  • IPO/STO is when we'll raise most of our initial liquidity for market making purposes. It will be the first real indication of what size this venture can reach.

  • Stress Testing is not shown on roadmap, but will be intensive at this point. Some delays may happen.

  • Full Platform Launch marks the beginning of the Self-Decentralization Process, which features a max time limit for delivery of 10 years - this timer begins at this point.