Problems solved

Crypto marketing is a nightmare


With the rise in popularity of blockchains and cryptos, new companies struggle more and more in rising above the noise generated by countless projects, and the countless shitcoins.
Innovative ways to reach qualified audiences while demonstrating technical proficiency is a great way to attract new buyers to stand out and attract new buyers. NFT Impact achieves this and takes it a step further, allowing to create a shared profit opportunity for you and your audience.
Starting crypto projects face a myriad of challenges, and often great tech struggles to make a name for itself simply for how much more difficult it is to understand for the audience.

Big Tech bans

The largest and most commonly used tech platforms, social media and other tools are based in the United States and unilaterally enforce strict standards that result in a variety of obstacles for new projects: bans, shadow-bans, no advertising, legacy media related verification requirements and more.
But public blockchains can't be controlled as such, and make an ideal medium to reach qualified audiences for starting crypto projects.


What makes NFT Impact different from other multisend tools are its unmatched efficiency and the ability to refine targeting based on needs & wants. This will bring down your marketing costs by magnitudes.

Like magic: turning costs into revenue

But even better, NFT Impact allows you to create resale markets out of advertisements and newsletters, effectively transforming a cost into a revenue stream!


Delivering quality NFTs, with beautiful artwork and interesting news/metadata is a fantastic way of attracting new leads to your projects, websites, and other materials.
Not only do you reach fully qualified audiences, but you deliver to them a free opportunity at profit: they get it for free, get informed of your awesome progress and developments, and get to sell that NFT to others for own profit. By doing so, they spread your messages and generate royalties.