Stop paying service providers, and get paid yourself instead.

Creates a new revenue stream

NFT Impact can deliver NFTs to as many recipients as you want to reach for negligible costs, and the recipients can sell those assets through NFT marketplaces to others.
This means that your marketing materials all of a sudden have a monetary value, as decided by the market, and that you, as creator of the asset, receive a portion of the sale price from every purchase in the form of royalties. Royalties may also be removed, if desired.

Cost Effective

Sending a large number of small transactions is extremely costly on blockchain networks, and NFTs are far heavier than token transactions. This renders achieving the same service near impossible, and makes NFT Impact a unique, high value tool, that enables a whole new functional, specialized use case for NFT assets.

Custom Targeting

NFT Impact can harvest destination addresses directly from the blockchain while excluding all non-wallet addresses, and it can do so both massively without discrimination or in detail, targeting specific attributes of destination wallets.
Customizable options include:
  • Target tokens (e.g. only wallets that contain ETH)
  • Target quantity (e.g. only 5+ ETH)
  • Target NFTs (e.g. only wallets that already have NFTs)
  • Target activity (e.g. wallets active in this period)
  • Target lists (e.g. VIPs, communities, influencers, partners, etc.)
Please note: NFT Impact is an exclusive tool offered only to the best crypto projects, it is not decentralized or open source in the interest of preventing its use for massive blockchain-powered spam. Few clients are accepted, it's nothing personal or to do with your project.