NFT Impact

NFT mass marketing tool

NFTs to disrupt marketing

NFT Impact is a unique mass sender tool developed by CryptoArena that is capable of delivering many millions of NFTs per day, at a negligible cost.

Other than its unmatched efficiency, our tool can:

  • Distinguish individuals from contracts
  • Target specific data attributes (e.g. only wallets with X ETH, wallets that already have NFTs, etc.)
  • Update metadata of delivered assets
This provides an alternative, modern and artsy venue to direct marketing efforts such as advertisement, loyalty programs or newsletters, and targets 100% qualified audiences, since they all use wallets already.
But more importantly, NFTs can be transferred by the recipients, allowing your ads and newsletters to be seen by new people, and if they like it enough, they can be sold!
This creates the possibility of generating royalties from the sales of your audience, effectively creating a resale market out of publicity, and turning marketing efforts from a cost into a revenue stream.

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