Sales & Listings

Don’t miss out on our early fixed prices!

wIn these early rounds, we aim to sell only the proportion of tokens necessary to fund continued product development and give CATS the right kickstart in terms of liquidity, exposure, and listings to third-party exchanges. Don’t miss out on the early fixed prices of our Presale!

Important Announcement

On the night of Monday 31st of May 2021, we have had a breach on our secondary storage and some funds were drained. Primary storage remains uncompromised. Full statement here.


  1. Our DAO to govern the monetary policy of the CATS, in conjunction with its treasuries, was meant to upgrade our security. As a consequence of this breach, we have delayed the DAO in order to implement a greater security standard immediately using an 8-way multi-sig vault.

  2. Schedules for Round 3 and Listing have been delayed by less than two weeks.

  3. Planning has been amended to reflect the changes necessary to address this setback. Thankfully, the breach was limited, and we have the size to absorb it without consequence to the planned listing price. Details below:

Changes Overview

  • Overall the same amount of tokens.

  • Round 3 is smaller, making it easier to sell.

  • NFT Nodes round introduced. (a claim on the same tokens, that we can sell through a different market).

  • Introduced flash sale to take advantage of ETH market conditions and record low gas fees!

  • Less in circulation at listing and the first few months after (increased price shield).

Crowd Presale Details:

Ticker: $ CATS

What: a custom Vested Crowdsale smart contract. Tokens are minted on purchase and distributed to the wallet address you provide us automatically. No buy, no mint, no manipulation. Gas fees apply.


  • Round 1 - Closed

  • Round 2 - Closed

  • Round 3 - Wednesday June 23rd @ 10 pm CET | 4 pm EST

Where: Live on the Ethereum main net.

How to:

  1. Use your ERC20 compatible wallet address on the website Crowdsale page

  2. Or send ETH directly to the Smart Contract address

  3. Tokens are minted and released to your wallet upon vesting expiration

Rounds details

FIAT reference pricing updated: 10/May/21 ETH price @ $2,500

Pricing Details:


1 ETH = x CATS

CATS x Round

ETH x Round









Flash Sale!













A min. of 50% of all ETH raised is for liquidity pools of DEXes (UNI initially, more later) to allow trading. Info

Uniswap (v3) liquidity: 200 ETH min Uniswap price ($): $ 0.10 per Token Uniswap price (eth): 25,000 CATS

Supply Details

Total Supply: 100 M CATS Initial Supply: 22,300,000 (22.3% ) CATS

Circulating: 7,050,000 (7.05%) Vested (3 months): 5,250,000 (5.25%) Vested (6 months): 5,000,000 (5%)

Total CATs sold: 16,300,000 (16.3%) Marketing/Airdrops: 1,000,000 (1%) Locked-in LP: 5,000,000 (5%)

Initial MCAP: $ 1,305,000 Fully Unlocked in: 2 years Fully Diluted Value: $ 10,000,000 MCAP to FDV ratio: 13.05%