Staking & Rewards

Stake CATS for to earn governance privileges and weekly rewards

Diamond hands only

This is a hands-off long-term (for crypto) staking solution for those who believe in and support the project, featuring great rewards (especially the first two years), decision-making participation and enables running nodes of NFT Arena.

The CATS yield farm will be available simultaneously to the CATS DAO, prior to listings.

Terms & Rewards

What it is:

  1. Single-sided yield farming. Single-sided means you receive rewards in the same token you stake, which means you're not exposed to impermanent loss.

  2. Locking duration: 6 months periods. Periods end at the same time for everyone, you can join in at any time, meaning if you stake CATS 5 months into an ongoing period, your lock duration is 1 month but most rewards for that period have been earned already.

  3. Weekly rewards. Claim your CATS rewards every 7 days.

What you get:

  1. Stake CATS to receive more CATS daily.

  2. Staking CATS produces a synthetic token that you can use for governance on our DAO (name TBA, xCATS for now). You must trade this back to the farm to claim back your stake; synthetic xCATS are burnt when used to claim real CATS.

  3. Staking 50k or more CATS also gives you the right to run a node of NFT Arena, which produces rewards in ETH depending on the popularity of the game.


Rewards halving schedule: 12 months

Lock Duration

Block Time

Blocks x Year

Blocks x Day

6 months

13 sec




CATS Rewards

Blocks x Day

Emission x Block

Emission x Day











Harvesting Rewards

You can harvest your earned rewards once per week manually (or automatically - not available in v1).

Harvest lockup is a unique and creative farming rewards lockup mechanism created by the PantherSwap dev team. This mechanism can help limit the frequency of harvest to prevent farming arbitrage bots from constantly harvesting and dumping.

Difference between manual & automatic

Manual harvests are liquid - this means you can immediately transfer, spend or sell the CATS you receive through rewards.

Automatic harvests compound your stake - this means that rewards are automatically claimed and staked on top of your existing stake, thus earning you more in the next harvest. A hands-off solution.


Yield farming lets people put their cryptocurrencies to work for them by providing liquidity. When yield farmers contribute liquidity, that's called staking.

Liquid assets are those that are in circulation and can be bought and sold quickly and easily on open markets, and a liquid market is one with a lot of trading activity.

Staking a token implies limiting its circulation by "locking it" on a smart contract - where it needs to be taken out of before becoming liquid again. This has a beneficial effect on the price of the asset on the markets, and for this reason, automated protocols can offer extra rewards to people that don't want to immediately sell their tokens because they believe in the project.

Rewards sizes and lockup durations come with many differences these days, and depend heavily on the wider terms of the tokenomics of each asset involved - but generally speaking, getting in early is the best way to maximize value.

Staying Relevant

The above applies to our case as well, but we anticipate that due to the fact the yield farming lockup is required to obtain the synthetic tokens used for governance, and the privilege of running a node for NFT Arena, that the lengthy (for crypto) lockup will stay relevant and desirable over time in spite of decreasing rewards.