Decentralized Governance

Community driven monetary policy & predictable inflation minting
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CATS are governed by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization ruled by its community through democratic voting, and separate from the governance of CryptoArena – which is predetermined and immutable.

Community Monetary Policy

The scope of the DAO is to:
  1. 1.
    Return control of monetary policy decisions to its community of holders.
  2. 2.
    Bind minting to a yearly, predictable, inflation event. The weight of inflation is decided by vote and takes effect in the next year.
CATS holders wishing to vote in policy decisions must stake their tokens in our yield farm to receive a synthetic governance token representing their relative share to be eligible to participate in the DAO. Staked tokens also earn yield rewards throughout the time they’re locked.
The CATS DAO is a minimalistic governance protocol, meant to be used scarcely. Policy decisions you can participate in are few but of maximum importance:
a) Changes to yearly inflation minting rate b) Partnerships, listings, and use case additions c) Proposals by community
CATS are subject to a minimal degree of yearly predictable inflation beginning upon completion of the unlocking schedule: a small percentage of token supply (initially: 0.5%) is minted every quarter and sold immediately at market price.
This provision, in conjunction with the max limit to active multipliers one individual account may have at any time, is meant to mitigate the risk of abuse or monopolization of the token’s exclusive benefits.
New proposals submitted require the backing of a quorum of 20% of eligible voters within 72 hours in order to be confirmed & scheduled for an official vote.
The vote will be scheduled at least 2 weeks after, and no more than 2 months later. 60% of participating votes are required to approve a proposal, provided with a quorum of at least 30% of eligible voters.