Tokenization & STO

Issue & Trade ANY asset or object of value

Trade Stocks & other Assets

CryptoArena is a fully regulated institutional-grade platform seeking all applicable licensing approvals as required by Dutch & EU legislation, the AFM, and all other applicable laws and jurisdictions.
All-in-one crypto trading anything on a single platform designed to reward its participants.
CryptoArena is built featuring compliance by design (and requires KYC).

Asset Tokenization

Refers to the process of converting "traditional" assets into blockchain compatible Tokens. This allows assets to be represented digitally, rendering them transferable & usable within blockchain environments.
Tokenization typically takes the form of Security Tokens, for the purpose of fundraising through an STO.

OTC Markets

OTC markets are primary (private) markets reserved to accredited investors for investing in early companies. Restrictions (that are out of our hands) may apply depending on your location and applicable jurisdictions.

STOs, Listings & Liquidity

Security Token Offerings (STOs) are the blockchain version of an Initial Public Offering (IPO), in which new tokenized securities are sold to the public (secondary markets) through an exchange for the first time.
And of course, CryptoArena offers competitively priced liquidity & market making services.

Idea to Market pipeline

The bottomline is: through CryptoArena's ecosystem you can launch your dream business, fund it through OTC equity sales, build it faster through our DevLabs on Dittofi, and go public on the exchange.
All of it on a single platform, whose basic premise is that contributing to the value of the network earns proportional dividends.