Patrons & Champions

Patrons & Champions are the two special User categories involved in our unique Copy Trading solution, and their agreements are referred to as Patronages.


Smart Contracts 101
A "Smart Contract" is essentially just a contract with built-in payment and enforcement mechanisms.
A patronage agreement is a quid pro quo (something for something else), a customizable “trading contract” between two or more users (Patron/s & Champion/s), secured & enforced by smart contract.
A Champion performs trading decisions on behalf of Patrons in exchange for a success fee based on pre-agreed terms & conditions.

Success Basis

All patronages must meet the following basic condition to be considered successful:
Y>X+CF+½CFY > X + CF + ½ CF
Where X is the initial sum invested by the Patron, Y is the final sum accrued at the end of the patronage and CF is the custom Champion's Fee. If the final amount be lower than the initial one plus the Champion’s share, plus half as much, the patronage is automatically considered unsuccessful and any agreed upon Champion Fee will be nullified.
This means that any patronage must at least return a profit to be considered successful

Simplest example:

$ 100 patronage featuring a 2% Champion fee would need to return at least $ 103 not to be failed.
This mechanism also helps preventing few large accounts from monopolizing the service, ensuring the diversification of Champions' strategies, pricing and targets.


Patrons and Champions, other than the above-stated minimum success condition, may customize the terms and conditions of their patronage agreement to their leisure. All patronages require the establishment and agreement of at least one termination condition to be negotiated & confirmed.
Both categories may publish, negotiate, veto or accept their own or the other party’s terms and conditions. Patronage agreements are fully customizable.

Patrons (copier)

  1. 1.
    Select your Champion
  2. 2.
    Negotiate your Terms
  3. 3.
    Sit back & Collect
Patrons are Users investing in other Users, to trade on their behalf. Any user that invests in a Champion is automatically considered a Patron, no opt in is required.

Patron Categories

Patrons are ranked based on the amount of volume they have committed to Patronages, this is solely a cosmetic difference, for the purpose of differentiation. No direct economic advantage is obtained from a higher tier, but for example, some Champions may elect to restrict their service only to big fish.
Volume committed to Patronages (yearly)
1 to 100K
100K to 500K
500K to 1M
1M to 5M
5M +

Don't know how to trade? Don't understand crypto? Or just lacking the time? Hire a Champion!

Champions (copied)

  1. 1.
    Attract Patrons
  2. 2.
    Negotiate your Fees
  3. 3.
    Achieve Results
Champions are Users offering their time & trading expertise to other Users, in exchange for (at least) a success fee. Additional targets and conditions, with further potential fee structures, may be negotiated independently by the parties involved through the system.

Your skills are valuable! Get more out of your trades.

Champion Categories

Champions are evaluated by potential backers based on two metrics: Glory Points and PPR (Positive Patronage Rate) - as is hopefully intuitive, this is the rate at which each Champion has successfully completed the patronages it has accepted thus far. Expressed in percentage format.
PPR=(Successful/Total)100PPR = (Successful / Total)*100
By subscribing as a Champion, you agree to allow CryptoArena to collect data relating to your trading performance and choices on the platform, and to display it publicly, for the purposes of facilitating the evaluation of risks, and the investment decisions of Patrons considering your services. Your identity is protected through pseudonimity (public figures may request use of their real identity upon verification).
0 + proof of enrollment
Fake money competitions, real prizes, attract backers
Offer your services, participate in events
Unlimited concurrent Patrons, more events access
Reserved for day traders >€5M in monthly volume, access Frenzies