Glorious Trading

More Points = More Profits

The Glory System

CryptoArena periodically distributes platform generated revenue back to its Users using the Glory System. All Users on CryptoArena accumulate Glory Points through activity, tallied monthly into a Glory Score.

What are Glory Points ?

Glory Points are an internal unit of measurement of our systems that ultimately determine individual shares of public distributions of revenue (Secondary Distributions) of CryptoArena.
All Users earn glory points from all fee-bearing activity (e.g. trading).
This is a weighted model measuring individual contributions to the network, and taking into account various factors like volumes traded, profitability, continued performance, cooperation, and more. This system is designed to establish a ranking of the Users producing value for the network in each period for the purpose of distributing revenue.

What is a Glory Score ?

The points you accumulate are tallied at the end of each period into a Score, this is a measure of your performance and contributions to the network, within a specific span of time.
You Score will look somewhat like this
Then your Score is compared to that other qualifying Users to determines the individual share you receive from that period's platform revenue distribution: the higher your score, the more % you'll get from the next distribution. Scores reset after each distribution.
All payouts are in monthly arrears. This means if you earn a share of January's distribution, it's accounted in February and disbursed in March; February is paid in April, March in May and so on.

The Bottomline: More Points -> More Profits

Users compete with one another for the highest monthly score, to earn the largest share of the platform's revenue distributions fund. And as they compete, they create exponentially more value for the network, which in turn grows the next period's payout of revenue distributions.

Ever-Growing Incentives

This allocation is financed by the profit generated by the operations of the platform, such as commissions per trade, and a key component of the Self-Decentralization Process - once it is completed, the revenue distributions allocation will account for 100% of CryptoArena's (net) profits.

Limitless Scalability

CryptoArena's unique hybrid architecture provides friction-less scability at any volume. using off-chain servers & oracles to maintain on-chain data integrity. Learn more about systems here.

Advanced Trade Orders

All order types (limit, stops, trails, leverage, etc.), not just market orders.

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