Gamification is the application of game-like elements and/or principles in non-game contexts.

Earn Your Glory

On CryptoArena, all fee-bearing activity earns a relative amount of Glory Points, whom regulate the primary distributions of all net revenue generated by the platform.
Similar to most games, your underlying objective is to maximize your score relative to other "players", in the given time period. Except on CryptoArena, your score will earn you profit shares from the automated Revenue Distributions, financed directly by ongoing cash flow of the company.
All Users compete & cooperate to get the biggest share of distributions, for the attentions and direct investments of other users, in yearly Leaderboards and a variety of competitive events, all for the universal purpose of maximizing their own profit.

How do I get points?

  • Trade to generate points
The main way to earn glory points is executing trade orders. The commission fees charged in this process feature the greatest relative weight.
  • Any time you pay a fee
However, all fee-bearing activity contributes to the overall funds distributed by the system, and earns points qualifying the bearer to shares of the next period's revenue distribution, just at lesser weight than executing trade orders.

Glory Multipliers

Multipliers allow you to temporarily generate more points from your activity, leading to larger shares of platform revenue. Much like a "power-up" would work in a game.
Multipliers come in various formats and can be acquired in several different ways, such as:
  • Cooperative Trading
CryptoArena promotes cooperation through increased glory rewards for both categories involved in our copy trading solution: Patrons & Champions.
Cooperation creates value for the network and all stakeholders by incentivizing participation in the market, and therefore helps in growing the volumes distributed by the platform.
  • Win Competitive Events
Some Competitions offer unique glory multipliers, among other rewards.
  • Continued Successful Performance
You can earn multipliers by achieving "hot streaks". Glory points are not just about volume, but also about the quality of your trades.
  • Buy Them with CAT Tokens
You can also purchase glory multipliers by spending CAT Tokens. This adds a complementary revenue stream also contributing to the growth of the platform's revenue distributions.
  • Recruit a Friend
Tell your family & friends ! If they sign up & trade with CryptoArena you will earn bonuses !

Stacking multipliers

Multipliers from different sources may be stacked providing a more powerful effect.
Only one multiplier per account may be active at a time. More limits apply, details will be released as we get closer to launch.

How many points do I need to make X per month?

It depends on many factors:
  • How much money is being distributed by the Exchange in each given period
Revenue Distributions are directly financed by all the platform's revenue streams and paid out monthly in arrears. For example, this means that money generated in January is accounted in February and disbursed in March. Feb is paid in Apr, and so on.
The more volume goes through the exchange, the more gets distributed.
  • The status of the Self-Decentralization Process
Self-Decentralization is the process by which CryptoArena transitions into a non-profit over time, and consequently, distributes larger shares of revenue to Users. Distribution allocation starts at 25% on Launch day, and will grow to 100% over the course of 10 years.
The further along the process, the more gets distributed.
  • How many other Users are eligible to receive a share
Everyone gets points from participating, thus this depends on the number of active Users that have earned any amount of glory points in each period.
The more people participate, the more the volume grows, and the more individual shares are diluted.
  • And their actual individual scores relative to one another
And finally to calculate your own individual payout, the sum of your points in each period (your Glory Score) will be compared to that of other active Users to determine percentages of payouts. Higher score = bigger share.