Competitive Events

Compete to win, earn bonus glory & great prizes !

Competitive Events

Trading competitions on CryptoArena are very similar in structure, model and variety, to online poker tournaments, just with trading instead of cards. Prize structures generally pool together buy-in fees minus cost, but may vary in some cases to include CAT Tokens.
Events also, like all revenue streams on CryptoArena, events also contribute to the funds distributed to the community by the platform.
Events provide an additional method to monetize interactions among the userbase, an arbitrarily manageable driver for user activity to be leveraged during “slow” months (especially once we have the data to predict them), and a powerful engagement tool aimed at existing and prospective users capable of increasing loyalty and other key performance indicators.

Planned Events Sample

Event Name
Glory Tournament
Main Event
Runs all year round, determines the best 5 among all Champions every 12 months, only the top of each leaderboard. Each receives a prize, unique temporary cosmetic items for their accounts and access to an exclusive short duration trading competition, which will determine the ultimate winner – whom will gather more prizes and the unique title of “Grand Champion of the Arena”
Anniversary Competition
Yearly promotional competition sponsored by third parties
Noob Bash
Low Stakes. Registration requirements: new accounts (<60 days) only
Elite’s Brawl
High Stakes. Registration Requirements: pro categories only, high PPR
Team competition. Registration requirement: groups of X people.
Trade Frenzies
Time-based events. Fees are discounted or nullified and patronage yields boosted. Registration Requirements: High Frequency categories only.
Student Championship
Free. Real prizes. Registration Requirements: Student category only
*fun note: a Naumachia was a literal naval battle, held at the Coliseum in special occasions.