Advanced Copy Trading

Trading is hard. Hire a Champion !

What is Copy Trading?

Copy Trading is a crowdsource based modernization of Asset Managers. It's attractive because its more user friendly, diverse, and cheaper than traditional asset managers, and allows anyone to trade like a veteran, without any of the knowledge or effort.
Copy Trading enables individuals in the financial markets to automatically copy positions opened and managed by another selected individuals. A “few-clicks hands-off” investing solution by which selected expert third parties enact trade decisions on behalf of their backers.

After all, it’s unrealistic to expect everyone to be expert traders.

Most people just don’t have the time, the base knowledge, or the dedication. And learning how to trade usually requires many loses, especially early on. Not everyone is born to be an accountant, a CFO or a trader. But what if you could trade like a pro without being one?

How it works

Patronages in a nutshell. Click to enlarge

Why "Advanced" ?

Our unique copy trading solution kicks it up several notches compared to existing offerings:

Earn Glory Multipliers

Bottomline is Patrons & Champions - the two special categories of Users involved in our copy trading system, earn more glory points than normal Users for the same actions.
This is because CryptoArena encourages cooperation & competition among Users through its gamified system of automated rewards, for the purpose of growing volumes traded and consequently distributions.
Help each other ! It's literally in your (and everyone's) interests to do so. Multipliers can also be bought by spending CAT tokens, or won in Competitive Events.

Plain English language Smart Contracts

Powered by Zencode, developed Open Source by Dyne. Users require no coding or programming knowledge at all to use them. Inter-User agreements are handled by smart contracts through an open source blockchain, Zenchain presently under development by CryptoArena.


Fully secure (pseudonymous) custom interactions, targets, fees, restrictions, clauses and more. 100% customizable from both ends. Invest on your terms.

Pay only when you win

Champions always work for you and your interests because their basic fees are enforced as Success Fees. Simply put, if they fail to meet their target, they do not get paid.


This means your funds don't leave your wallet, and are not in the possession of your selected trader, while performing copy trading.