Service Offering

The 1st Self-Decentralizing Exchange

Next Generation Exchange

CryptoArena is built as a hybrid featuring a unique architecture, combining limitless off-chain scalability of a CEX & the trustless-ness of a DEX, while preserving chain data integrity through Oracles.
Further, we are built as a Parachain of the Polkadot Relay Chain, and benefit from shared security of its network, as well as its fork-less modularity and market leading interoperability. Learn more here

Trade any object of value

CryptoArena is planned as a fully regulated market supporting tokenized securities, digital assets and FIAT gateways. Cryptos, securities, currencies, NFTs, commodities and more. You name it.

Total Revenue Sharing

CryptoArena distributes platform-generated revenue back to its (active) User community as activity incentives & performance rewards, through a game-like points scoring system.
Distributions start at 25% of (net) revenue generated, and increase over the course of time as a consequence of our unique Self-Decentralization Process.
This will eventually reach 100% of (net) revenue generated, rendering CryptoArena fully non-Profit.

Advanced Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a crowdsourced based modernization of Asset Managers. A “few-clicks hands-off” investing solution by which selected expert third parties enact trade decisions on behalf of their backers.
It is attractive because its more user friendly, diverse, and cheaper than traditional asset managers. We refer to ours as “advanced”, because it’s also embedded within the revenue sharing system, providing greater value, also greater customization options when compared with similar offerings


All Users compete & cooperate for shares of platform revenue, for the attentions and direct investments of other users, in yearly Leaderboards, and in a variety of competitive events.
CryptoArena's service offering is planned to promote participation, cooperation, and to reward positive results & community building efforts. Also, we anticipate our game-like Roman gladiator Arena theme will help drive market penetration, participation and engagement among the numerous, less savvy audiences.