What problems is CryptoArena trying to solve?

Problems / Solutions

We believe "decentralized" should ( also ) mean "free of special interests"

Thus, a "decentralized exchange" should operate entirely for the benefit of those who create value in its network: Users.
We propose an unstoppable, blockchain-powered process to transition the exchange's holding entity into a non-profit that redistributes ALL (net) revenue, continuously & automatically.

Crypto Trading is

1. Expensive

Blockchain technology was born for the stated purpose of replacing cumbersome & expensive, de facto mandatory intermediaries. It’s been more than a decade... how is that going for you?

2. Difficult

Trading in general is inherently inaccessible to many, due to high-knowledge requirements, and the elevated degree of risk associated with it.
The many complexities and variations, implied but not explained, by the addition of the word “crypto” only make things worse.

3. Time Consuming

The user experience of trading hasn’t changed in decades: It eats up far too much time, users are mostly isolated and left to organize any sort of cooperation through own means, and complex features confuse non-savvy audiences.


1. Total Revenue Sharing

CryptoArena automatically distributes platform-generated revenue back to its (active) user community as activity incentives & performance rewards. Distributions start at 25% of (net) revenue generated, and increase over time as a consequence of our unique “self-decentralization process”.
In time, this will reach 100% of (net) revenue generated.

2. Advanced Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a crowdsource-based modernization of traditional Asset Managers.
A few-clicks, hands-off investing solution by which selected expert third parties enact trade decisions on behalf of their backers; it is attractive because its more user friendly, diverse, and cheaper than traditional asset managers.
We refer to ours as “advanced”, because our solution features extended customization options, is fully non-custodial, secured by smart contracts, and embedded within the revenue sharing system, providing much greater value, when compared with similar offerings.

3. Gamification

a) All fee-bearing activity earns Glory Points. b) Points are tallied monthly into Glory Scores. c) Scores determine individual shares of platform revenue distributions.
All Users compete & cooperate for shares of platform revenue, for the attentions and direct investments of other users, in yearly Leaderboards, and in a variety of competitive events.
CryptoArena's service offering is planned to promote participation, cooperation, and to reward positive results & community building efforts. And especially trading activity, of course. Also, we anticipate our fun-focus, and game-like Roman gladiator Arena theme will help drive market penetration, participation and engagement among the numerous, less savvy audiences.