How is CryptoArena different from other exchanges?

By the Users, for the Users.

The 1st S-DEX

or "Self-Decentralizing Exchange"

We are established as a hybrid, operating to maximize profit, but bound to a transparent and immutable process to transition our own holding entity into a non-profit that automatically redistributes revenue to the Users, incrementally. All the way to 100%.
CryptoArena combines limitless scalability, trustless-ness and an immutable non-profit mission, into a seamless, fully automated solution.

Our Mission

is to deliver what a "decentralized exchange" should be.
CryptoArena will be the first institutional-grade market intermediary permanently bound to a non-profit mission. We propose an automated, predetermined and fully transparent process to truly “decentralize” the exchange - including ownership and revenue, and to distribute all the proceedings to our Users. CryptoArena is designed to start up & grow as a competitive entity, but bound by smart contract :
  • to push the necessary next step in the crypto ecosystem
  • to make trading fun, accessible and more profitable to all Users
  • to fulfill the promise of a truly decentralized exchange

Why we do it

“Decentralized” should (also) mean “free of special interests”.

Thus, a “decentralized exchange” should operate entirely for the benefit of those who create value for its network: its User Community.
The emerging Blockchain Economy is rooted in widespread desire for new opportunities and the hope of better economic standards. To be designed for the benefit of the masses, rather than well-positioned insiders and mega corporations.
CryptoArena is our take on how to do so.

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