The First "Self-Decentralizing" Exchange

CryptoArena 101 - the Core Innovation

CryptoArena is a tiny garage startup attempting something truly special. Innovation in the truest sense of the word: There are many exchanges, more will come. But none of them like us.
We are building a first-of-its-kind institutional grade market intermediary that we refer to as an S-DEX (“Self-Decentralizing Exchange”).
CryptoArena is bound by smart contract to transition its own holding entity into a non-profit featuring predetermined behavior, over the course of time.
The "predetermined behavior" is an immutable process by which platform-generated revenue is distributed to Users, by means of a game-like points scoring system and a custom security token.
As a consequence of this mechanism progressing over time, the platform automatically distributes incremental shares of the revenue it generates back to its Users, as incentives and performance rewards stimulating further value generating activity.
When 100% of ALL net revenue generated by the platform will be subject to public distributions, the process has reached its conclusion.
We refer to this predetermined outcome-state as "Self-Decentralization"; The predetermined process to achieve is the "Self-Decentralization Process"; thus, CryptoArena aims to launch the world’s first "Self-Decentralizing Exchange"

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